Social Loyalty Programs: Taco Johns Restaurant

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

In today’s food and beverage industry, building a social presence is a significant way to connect with your consumer base after they step out the doors. Yet, it’s also easy to get lost in the social hoopla. All of your competitors have a Facebook and Twitter, vying for Likes and Followers just like you. So how do you break the plain? How do you connect with your customers in a way that not only gives you another “like” or “follower,” but engages them and brings them back through the door?

We’ve found great examples of how to take advantage of social media and connect with consumers who are not only interested, but what to take part with your conversation.  In a running weekly series, we will showcase our favorite examples of how restaurants utilize social media and not only start conversation, but take part in it as well.

Our first example is Taco Johns. Taco Johns currently has over 76,000 Likes on Facebook and 4,500 Followers on Twitter. So how did they do this?

Well, what they did was create a micro social network of people who genuinely love Taco Johns for their food and their experience. They created a social loyalty program. They developed contests, gave their customers a voice, and had incentives for their most valued customers to share on their Facebook page. And then they acknowledged them.

They refer to their customers as “maniacs.” They created an ongoing point-incentive contest called “Minute Mission,” in which they reward points to fans for completing missions through their social platforms. Missions include posting pictures with your favorite Taco Johns menu item, questions of the day, and to show your friends the “wonderfulness that is Taco John’s and take a picture of their reaction for 20 points.”

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