Why Video Will Soon Rollover Banner Ads

June 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

I recall when banner ads were the new trend. They were these rectangular flash-driven ads that quickly grabbed my attention. Some allowed me to pop balloons with darts, some to whack-a-mole, and some even allowed me to shoot a basketball into a hoop. One thing that banner ads were very effective at is interactivity. Yet, as the years went by, I smartened up and always knew that the last balloon or basket would always redirect me to a third-party site, and it ended up as a nuisance, more so than a fun 10-seconds of satisfaction.

In no way have banner ads decreased. Heck, if anything they’ve become more prevalant on more sites because of the pay-per-click incentive they offer not only big e-players, but micro bloggers and the every day you and me. But do they still have that feeling of resentment, knowing that your a click away from being distracted by another window, another advertisement? Enter video; a growing trend that will only develop further due to relatively low production costs and high ROI.

Video engages your target in a way that they want to be engaged, more so than a “I’ve seen that before” banner ad. Whether it be an relevant news article, a product testimonial or a creative YouTube video — which also enhances your SEO — depending on the “wow factor” of the video ad, users might have motivation to share it.

Video ads come in all shapes and sizes. Through a video player, they can actually be incorporated into a website where a banner ad used to be, or they can be a 15-second advertisement pause during a YouTube or Hulu video. And while some may choose to advertise on the top v-players, according to an article on DigiDay, in January 2011, consumers spent 87.6 billion minutes watching video on sites that weren’t listed in the Top 10 video share sites.

So where do you go? Obviously you have to do some research on your audience. Where do they go, how long do they spend when they get there, and ultimately, what will enhance their visit to the site? Once you have all that, the difficult part is over, and you’re now left to place a video that gives them some reasonable incentive to look at it and press play.

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