Facebook Launches Reach Generator

March 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Currently, Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm filters through posts to enhance users’ experience by putting only the most relevant content in the news feeds. With EdgeRank, only about 16% of a brand’s fans see the organic content posted by brands.  To increase reach, Facebook unveiled their tool, the Reach Generator.

The Reach Generator, available to large companies, will allow marketers to buy all of the reach they want. Priced according to the size of the brand’s fan base, the tool is designed to take a piece of content and amplify its reach by resurfacing it at as an ad. Facebook guarantees that the reach generator will allow brands to reach at least 75% of its fans. During the initial tests, Ben and Jerry’s was reported to have reached 98% of its fan base.

Additionally, Facebook announced its plans to launch a promoted advertisement upon account logout called the “logout experience.” Any premium advertisements are already fair game to appear as a part of this new promotion in which a sponsored advertisement is featured after a user logs out of Facebook.

These new tools will allow brands to reach their fan base on a larger, more consistent scale as users will see brand content more frequently with Reach Generator.

You can read more about these new advertising tools on AllFacebook or IndsideFacebook.

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