Brands Are Creating Unique Social Media Campaigns this Holiday Season

December 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

How are brands using social media to stay relevant this holiday season? Not surprisingly, businesses are doing this in a variety of ways. From holiday apps, Twitter personas and holiday sweepstakes, brands are finding unique ways to keep their customers engaged during the holidays.

Starbucks just launched a free mobile application for iPhone and Android to give users a fun way to interact with their famous red holiday packaging (cups, bags, gift packages, etc.). With the Cup Magic application, users scan their cup and watch the unique scene come to life.  Interact with the scene, discover what other merchandise comes to life and even send the video to a friend or share it on Facebook. Additionally, you can send Starbucks eGift Cards direct from the app, with a personalized message and in any amount you choose. Reviews for the application itself are strong, but the specificity of the app makes it have quite a short shelf life.

Walmart took a more philanthropic approach to its holiday marketing. This past month it launched the “12 Days of Giving” program on Facebook. Customers can nominate charities that help provide basic necessities to communities. In the month of December, Walmart will choose 12 winners from December 12-23rd to receive a portion of $1.5 million. Using social media to help companies allocate funds to charities isn’t an entirely new concept, but it’s still a great way to get your customers engaging with your company and allowing them to feel like they’re having a say.  Grand Marnier is holding a similar Facebook campaign. For the Grand Giving Tree, users pick an ornament relating to one of three charities and place it on a virtual tree. At the end of the campaign, the cause with the most ornaments will receive a $10,000 donation. Grand Marnier’s Tree of Giving is a unique, interactive way to get users in the holiday and giving spirit.

Target used Twitter to kick off Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. Their persona, the Christmas Champion, could be followed at @ChristmasChamp for updates on the sale, shopping and gift advice. The account had 19,400 followers,  and gives a personal face to the Target brand. RadioShack launched The Great Giftervention, allowing customers to post pictures of the worst gift they’ve ever recieved. Each week, the top worst gifts will receive gift pack from RadioShack.

The holiday season has given brands and social media marketers a great opportunity to create unique and engaging campaigns. Through interactive social apps and mobile apps, brands are not only boosting their digital presence, but reaching their most loyal customers where they spend their time. Through Direct Message Lab’s REACH v4 platform, social media marketers can manage multi-channel campaigns for any holiday or occasion. REACH’s Social Analysis allows brands to collect deep user profiles of customers that engage with their social networks and mobile apps, to target future content and promotions.

Happy Holidays from all at DML!

Direct Message Lab provides a central platform , REACH v4,  for brands to effectively build, manage, and analyze their social, mobile and app-based marketing. For more information, check out, and follow us on Twitter, @dmlinfo.


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  • They focus on a specific product or item, a winning team has created them and they provide a service that is in high demand in their community niche or area. This also might give you ideas to follow up on the same topic.

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