Sports Going Social — Detroit Red Wings

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Social media allows for transparency between fans and sports teams, as well as lets them see into an athlete’s personality, more so than just by watching a game. Twitter has revolutionized the way fans follow their favorite teams, as sporting organizations across the big five leagues – NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA and MLB – are deploying social strategies to create a fan base both on and offline. Fans can now be in touch with their favorite players and teams and receive real-time updates about them 365 days a year.

We scoured many professional sports teams on the social scene, and we will post on our favorites throughout the leagues. This week’s focus is the Detroit Red Wings.

The stats don’t lie. The Red Wings are one of the most popular and historic teams in any sport, and their social stats show. They have 565,000+ Likes on Facebook and over 65,000 Followers on Twitter and are constantly updating and engaging with their fans, asking them to join the conversation.

Each day, they have a new social media “Fan of the Day,” in which fans e-mail a photo of them in a Red Wings jersey and explain why they deserve to be the social media fan of the day. This provokes daily engagement by having fans explain why they are the best Red Wings fan out there.

They are currently promoting a “Red Wings look-a-like” contest in which they ask you to send a photo of somebody you know that looks like a Red Wings player to for a chance to be featured on their Facebook.

On Twitter, they do a lot of back-linking to their website and YouTube Channel. Interestingly, if a fan @’s them a video or picture that they like, they reply to that fan asking for their permission to make it a feature on their Facebook page. This constant interaction and acknowledgment from the Red Wings to their fans, showing them that they exist and are actually contributing to the Red Wings social presence goes a long way. Also, to keep people’s interest perked in the off-season, they raise awareness of events such as the “annual equipment sale,” and various autograph signings.

While The Redwings may be one of the most noticeable brands in sports, they truly go above and beyond when it comes to social media and seem to enjoy the one-to-one relationship they have with their fans, both at Joe Lewis Arena and in their social arena.

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